I’m In Good (Uncool) Company

If you’ve been trying really hard to be a cool parent, give it up. You could be a rock star and your kids will still think you’re uncool.  Just look at Bono. 

Did you hear last week that his kids think he’s uncool? Bono, you know, lead singer for the band U2, tireless crusader for Africa and third world countries, Nobel Peace Prize nominee…who’d of thought he’d be my first inductee into the Uncool Parent Hall of Fame?!  He has not one, but (God have mercy on him) two teenage daughters, both who think he’s uncool,
according to an interview he gave to London’s Daily Mail (click to go to the article). So I’m going to bestow that honor on him.  I hope he stops by to claim his prize– a ride in my trashed-out minivan!!!

52 thoughts on “I’m In Good (Uncool) Company”

  1. I remember once hearing about an interview that Billy Joel gave and his daughter asked him not to sing around her friends!!

  2. Hah! I think if I were Billy Joel’s daughter, I would definitely be embarrassed by some of Dad’s actions– but singing would not be one of them!

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