Can I Go On Strike?

I’m not sure a tooth on a necklace (see previous post) is going to help me.  After spending all day yesterday, a beautiful sunny Sunday, doing things to help everyone else in the family (leaving only about 10-15 minutes to do anything I wanted to do for myself), I listened as my 10-year-old stood by my desk at 8:30 p.m., looking like a cartoon with steam coming out of her ears, and yelled at me,  “You never do anything for me!” because I had failed to go online that day and sign her up for summer Girl Scout camp (even though I’d worked on her summer schedule for hours on Saturday). When I became angry at her for saying that, she tried to backtrack and say, “Oh, what I meant to say was, “You never do anything with me!” and went on in even greater detail to rant about my lack of attention.  Huh? Like that’s supposed to make me feel better? I’d say that’s another arrow (or 2 , or 3) through my heart.  I had just stayed up until midnight the night before watching the movie Twilight with both girls (even though I definitely had other things to do) because they’d seen it and wanted me to see it as well.  Just the three of us (and the dog, and a bowl of popcorn), Mom finally having some fun with the girls.  While the teenager made it a point to tell me (more than once) she didn’t want me to sit too close to her, the 10-year-old was thrilled that I was there… I thought!

I guess I can’t do anything right!   

I wish there was a union for Moms so I could go on strike.  Wouldn’t that be interesting? With a union representative to negotiate better working conditions.  But no amount of negotiating or legislating can force true appreciation.  That would have to come from within my kids.  And right now I’m having a hard time seeing it, and “the little things” are not mattering very much!

I just put one foot in front of the other and move on.  On Tuesday, I am spending almost my entire day chaperoning my 10-year-old’s  4th grade class on a trip to an art museum, riding a school bus on a 40-mile round trip and eating my lunch out of a sack.  I signed up for it a long time ago…

38 thoughts on “Can I Go On Strike?”

  1. This phase will pass, I’m sure! In the meantime, just know that you’re OK in my book, Patty! Every day…all the time. Now go make me some popcorn! Hee hee!

  2. Years ago I remember seeing a mom on TV news who went on strike and moved into a tree house.

  3. I have these moments – Have you ever read anything by Anne Tyler? Mom running away from home is one of her big themes. Hope the field trip goes well 🙂

  4. I haven’t read any Anne Tyler but I am definitely putting her on my “To Read” list now– I would love to see how she handles that theme!  The field trip was definitely a “trip”– I am going to post something about it soon.  Thanks for your comment!

  5. You poor thing! You should have read the fine print that came with the girls when the stork dropped them off: “Give, give and then give some more. Feed, water, expose to sun light, a healthy dose of reality, two tablespoons of hard times, shake well and look for grand kids that you can spoil rotten for ‘payback’ in about 15 to 20 years! Sorry, NO RETURNS”

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