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A fun moment in the history of UncoolMom.com: I was standing in a line for the free coffee samples at Sprouts grocery store the other day, staring off into space, when I heard the guy in front of me say to the woman in front of him (who I realized later was his wife or girlfriend), “If your kids think you’re cool, you must be doing something wrong– Hah!  It’s some mom’s blog.” He was fiddling with his Blackberry or Iphone or some other type of handheld device.  Boy, did I snap out of my daydreaming fast.  Talk about exclamation points going off inside my head. Oh! My! Gosh! Is this a “You-know-your-blog-is-a-success-when-a-total-stranger-in-the-coffee-line-is-talking-about-it” moment? Then I realized– it was probably the bumper sticker.  My uncool minivan has a very cool, black and white Uncoolmom.com bumper sticker on the back (check out this post or this link to see a picture of what it looks like). The couple had just walked into the store and probably walked past my car on the way in and saw the URL, and he was looking it up.  So, not as random as I originally thought, but still, thumbs up.  That bumper sticker is a constant invitation to check out UncoolMom.com, and with the miles I put on my minivan every day, it probably gets more attention than I realize.  (And by the way, the first one I put on my bumper got torn off by my teen…but she’s learned to live with it now.)

As I drove away from Sprouts, I wondered if anyone else has one on their car.  (If you’ve ever checked out the blog’s sidebar, I’ve had them available for order at around $5 each since April). Unfortunately, my dreams of spreading UncoolMom.com via the roadways of the world have not come to fruition.  Matt from Graphicsland told me today that no one has ordered one except me, which doesn’t surprise me.  I always figured $5 was a bit too steep for anyone to pay for a bumper sticker, no matter how much they liked the blog and even if the shipping was free. But now that Mr. Coffee has seen my bumper sticker, I am inspired.  I want everyone to have one!  SO, I’m going to make it easy for you, if you’re not too averse to putting a cool bumper sticker on your car.  I’ve ordered a bunch in bulk, and I’m giving them away, FREE, if you’ll promise to put it on your car.  And free shipping, too, even if you’re one of my readers in Australia or South Africa or Canada or wherever.  AND, once you receive it, if you’ll send me a digital photo of your car wearing its cool new accessory parked at an interesting place, I will post it on the blog and send you an UncoolMom.com T-shirt (also very cool in black and white).  Just send an email to
patricia@uncoolmom.com  letting me know you’d like a bumper sticker, along with your mailing address, and I will start mailing out the stickers by Oct. 1st.  Or you can have one mailed to a friend! 

By the way, there is an advantage to having an UncoolMom.com bumper sticker on your car if yours is like mine– grimy on the outside from never having time to get it washed (I will NEVER buy a white car again), and constantly trashed out on the inside with kids’ shoes, clothing, socks, hairbrushes, fast food wrappers, fermenting juice boxes, water bottles, and old newspapers (that mom reads while waiting in the carpool line)– it legitimizes everything! It gives busy moms a sort of flag to wave that tells the world, “It’s O.K.! My car is trashed out because I am a fabulous, busy, uncool mom, and not ashamed to say it!” 

Or if your car is in pristine condition, you can still put one on.  It makes other people smile and get out their Blackberries and smile some more. ###

For even more smiles, check out the video “Mom My Ride” at 
this link  (http://www.carspace.com/videos/play!id=.5b4626fa), a takeoff on the TV show “Pimp My Ride”.  Genius! I laugh out loud, hard, every time I see it!

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