Laughing Outside the Box

Has being a mom for almost 15 years warped my sense of humor? I mean, my body will never truly be the same (in soooo many ways) due to giving birth to two children and my memory has suffered as well, but, I never thought my presumed “high brow” sense of humor might change.  But lately I’ve found myself laughing at …gulp… Billy Ray Cyrus and the cast of the TV show, “Hannah Montana”.  Billy Ray Cyrus— the guy who used to wear a mullet? Who made millions off of a stupid country song and an even stupider dance?  Wouldn’t liking him be about the same as saying you like monster truck races and SPAM sandwiches? But, as much as I hate to admit it, every time I catch a snippet of “Hannah Montana” whenever my daughters are watching it, he makes me laugh.  And so do some of the other people on that show.  I’m amazed, and I’ve thought about this phenomenon a bunch—is Disney throwing some kind of subliminal stuff through the airwaves that’s causing this? Or is it really funny? I’m someone who laughs at Conan O’Brien, Amy Poehler, Steven Wright.  I love offbeat stuff like the movies “Best in Show” and “Strictly Ballroom” and TV shows like “The Simpsons” and “Parks and Recreation”.  “Hannah Montana” is not exactly in the same category, and not something you’d find on my Facebook Favorites. 

But yet, again and again, it cracks me up.  While it’s nice to have things in common with your kids…I wasn’t counting on that being one of them.  What’s going on here?

Maybe I like Billy Ray Cyrus because he portrays an uncool dad.  In one episode, he won’t let his daughter go on a trip to Europe until she improves her grades.  In another, he embarrasses her as he drops her off at a party, by sticking a megaphone out of the car window and announcing that her dad had to drive her there.  It’s one of several punishments after (if my memory serves me correctly) she tries to drive a car without having a legitimate license.  (Wonder if he’s like that in real life.)  But admiring his parenting techniques and laughing (out loud) at his corny jokes are two different things.

To help me find out if I’ve gone “off the deep end” or if that show’s script and actors are truly funny, I enlisted the help of my husband.  We usually laugh at the same kinds of things.  If he laughs at the show, it must be funny.  So we watched an episode last night, with no kids in the house.  (What a date night, huh?) Unfortunately, Billy Ray hardly appeared.  We did laugh at the short kid, Rico (Moises Arias), and at the kid who plays Miley’s brother (Jason Earles).  But as we sat there watching, I realized that Andy wasn’t a good subject for this experiment.  After all, in addition to the stuff we both find funny, he also likes reruns of The Gong Show and The Dukes of Hazzard.

So I’m going to throw it out there to my blog readers—if you’ve seen the show “Hannah Montana”, do you think it’s funny at all?  (And if so, do you also like Larry the Cable Guy and going to Branson on vacation?)  Click here or see below for a link to online episodes if you’ve never seen it (might want to fast forward through the overplayed theme song.)  Please leave a comment here or email me to let me know what you think.  Because I really want to know if Disney has created something more than just another vehicle with which to sell music, movies, clothes, and bed linens.  Or, if I should be very, very worried. ###

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  1. I, too, watch Hannah Montana with my kids, and laugh. I like to think that Billy Ray has grown up over the years, the same as I have, and he does portray a combination cool/uncool dad who doesn’t take life too seriously but teaches important values to his children at the same time. Incidentally, we do not own one single piece of Hannah Montana merchandise, but have downloaded one or two songs. I have never seen Larry the Cable Guy. I have only been to Branson because my father and his wife live there. I look forward to seeing the results of your “poll.”

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