Freebie Friday- OxiClean Contest

As I mentioned in a post from January of this year, I don’t make a whole lot of money from this blog (yet!) but I do put a lot of effort into it, so it’s nice that companies are starting to send me free stuff that I can keep and/or give away to my readers in exchange for reviewing their product. I think contests are fun– especially when you win, so today I start an occasional feature of contests and giveaways, to be held on, you guessed it, Fridays.  To start things off, picture if you will, the lovely Carol Merrill, or perhaps another famous spokesmodel, like Dian Parkinson, holding the following items:

Up for grabs today are a bag of OxiClean Max Force Power Paks and an OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick, provided by OxiClean.  (Uncool Mom note: I’m always willing to try new stain fighters since they help “extend my investment” in my kids’ clothes as well as my own– I get so tired of spending money on my kids’ clothes only to see them ruined pretty quickly by stains that won’t come out! My youngest is still a messy eater and she’s ELEVEN! She so badly wants a pair of white jeans and I can’t bring myself to buy them– I know what will happen!!  Okay, back to the giveaway…) 

These two new products are designed with four types of stain fighters that break down dried-in stains, leaving “whites white, and colors bright”. The Max Force Power Paks look very much like the gel packs for automatic dishwashers and are designed to be thrown in the washer water before you throw in your laundry. They provide what’s called “in-wash laundry detergent boosting” and are supposed to “help remove the stains your detergent misses.”  (I liked them right from the start because there’s no measuring or pouring involved– you don’t even rip them open, you just throw them in, and they dissolve.  And since my kids have been doing their own laundry since they were 8 years old, I’m always looking for kid-friendly products to help them out.)  The information from OxiClean about the Paks says that “active oxygen deeply penetrates fabric fibers to remove stains.” (hey, this might make a great Science Fair experiment for someone…”What gets out stains best?”) Also included in the prize duo is the Max Force Gel Stick Pre-Treater, a concentrated gel in a large stick-type applicator with a unique “push-top”. Turn the stick upside down, push the top on stains– and the gel is dispensed, no squeezing required. I like that the instructions say you can treat stains and wait to wash up to one week after application. (OxiClean sent me free samples of both, and as I write this, I’m trying them out on some sheets and clothes in my washer, and will post a review on the right side of the blog in the next few days.)

So, all this can be yours…just reply in the comment section below (Facebookers, you’re probably going to have to go outside Facebook and go directly to in order for the blog’s comment section to work) and tell your best “stain story”– the toughest stain you’ve ever had to deal with, and whether you got it out or not. OxiClean will pick the winner and mail the prize.  I’ll announce the winner in the comment thread below and and will contact the winner on how to get your mailing address to them.  The contest will be active for one week, until midnight CST next Friday, Feb. 26th.  (If I was entering this contest, I think I’d write about what happened to Emmie at the school carnival last fall– she and another girl were throwing bits of cupcake at a boy in their class, so he went to the “Cakewalk”, won a large carrot cake, and proceeded to smash the entire cake all over Emmie and her T-shirt…it was a white (naturally!) Hanes T-shirt from Dollar General that she’d painted up with fabric paint, all by herself, to wear to the U2 concert… so there among all the scrawled mauve letters of “Bono Rocks” and “The Edge” were cream cheese frosting and orangey-brown cake… and it dripped from her face and hair.  She was crushed.  Luckily, it happened toward the end of the carnival and we were headed home anyway.  I didn’t even treat it with stain-fighters before I washed it, it was almost completely discolored, and I figured it was a goner.  But it came clean, and I was shocked. Getting it in a warm wash fast was key, I guess!)

7 thoughts on “Freebie Friday- OxiClean Contest”

  1. Well, it all started last October when had a “Deal of the Day” I couldn’t pass up. It was for Cousins Paintball in Forney, Texas. Not only was it a great deal, but it was also an answer for the question, “What am I going to get my husband for Christmas?” I contacted a couple of wives of friends of his and wha-lah…we had our Christmas present wrapped up. A paintball fight with 12 of his friends and the biggest kid of all in my house was very happy! The event actually didn’t occur until this last weekend and when he came home from his big adventure I wondered how in the world the paint would come off of his camo attire. No stain fighters were used and his clothes are as good as new….now if only the mud stains from my 6 year old’s soccer practice would have come out…and I treated those. Who new…paint ball stains are easier to fight than mud stains….

  2. Beth, thanks again for sharing your “dirty story”– your OxyClean gift pak should be in your mailbox soon– they mailed it within the last week!

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