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The Quiet Milestones

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Parents like to celebrate a lot of “firsts”, don’t we?  Some are commemorated in a big way, with photographs, words in a baby book or scrapbook, video… like first smile, first solid food, first steps, first tooth,
first word, first birthday, first haircut.   As kids get older, firsts occur less frequently, but we still try to look for them and celebrate
them—first lost tooth, first day of school, first time …

Travel With Kids

Road ILL

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We are a family that loves to travel, yet…seems like it never fails, one of us is always battling something health-related when
we hit the road or once we’ve reached our destination…whether it’s sunburn or allergies or a full blown cold, there’s always something to deal with…I don’t know why I don’t just
pack an entire suitcase as a mobile medicine cabinet. I mean, our track record is not great…Andy came down with the flu on our honeymoon in Colorado…Allison …

My Published Articles

Remembering “Slug Bug”

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In honor of Spring Break this week, and the many families that are “hitting the road” for a family trip by car (including us), I
thought I’d “re-release” a column/essay of mine that ran in The Dallas Morning News on June 29, 2001 under the heading, “Slug Bugs Are A Hit With Kids”.
Update 4/2/10: I think it’s a hoot that VW is now using this game to promote its cars. Have you seen
the ads …
Being a Better Parent

Continuously Contagious

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One of my mother-in-law’s favorite sayings is “If you lie down with dogs, you get
up with fleas.” In other words, “Choose your friends carefully” (although she also uses that phrase literally in enforcing the “no animals on beds” rule at her house…J).  Now it
appears there is scientific research to back her up, as well as every wise parent …


Punch-drunk on Punch Cards

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The main zipper on my favorite (and only) wallet jumped the tracks the other day, and I think
I know why:  too many punch cards.   Nope, it’s not too many credit cards (and certainly not cash) that
have caused my favorite brown leather four-compartment wallet to bulge at the seams—it’s those darn punch cards and reward cards that every place of business seems to be giving me these days.