A Day in the Life of a Mother’s Day

If you’re a mom, how did you spend Mother’s Day? If you’re not, did you do something special for your own mom, or a friend who is a mom, or someone who acts like a mom? I’d love to know. As always, I think the differences in how people celebrate a special day are fascinating.  (Remember those “Day in the Life” coffee table books from the late 80s? Where photographers all over America shared photos from one specific day? I think those are fascinating, too.) One of my friends, whose children are grown and who has grandchildren, celebrates Mother’s Day with all her family coming to town and heading to a favorite park, where they have a big picnic and family kickball tournament. They even make special T-shirts for everyone to wear. This year, Mother’s Day fell on her birthday so it was even more special.  Another friend of mine, who has four young boys and two very big dogs and works very hard being a mom, says nothing is ever done in her house to mark the occasion since her husband always has to work on Mother’s Day, and yesterday was no exception.  Another friend of mine spent the day in bed, ill.  I think her children napped with her.  Another friend got to sleep late and get taken to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch/dinner (yes, by the time their name was called, it was the middle of the afternoon…) I was thrilled that on my Mother’s Day, all of my family went to church together (the teenager usually stays home) and the girls each made me a Mother’s Day card.  I also got a “no-cook” day (Hooray!) and my husband bought me carnations.


So please comment below and share what you did, or what you used to do, even if it’s only one sentence—I’d love to know! And I think it would be interesting for everyone to see the variety of ways people marked the day– even if we don’t have gorgeous coffee table book photographs to go along with the words!

One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Mother’s Day”

  1. I had a great FIRST mother’s day. We actually had quite a lazy Sunday, which is what I wanted. We all woke up, and while I was nursing the baby my husband went out and bought a box of pastries from my favorite place. Then we hung around the house most of the day. I didn’t take my night-nursing bra and sleep-T-shirt off all day! Oh, I also got a manicure while daddy stayed home with the baby!

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