Little Miss Sunshine is Still Alive and Well: Seven-Year-Olds “Work It” to Single Ladies

Remember my post from March of last year entitled, Little Miss Sunshine is Alive and Well, about the little girls with suggestive dance moves I’ve seen for many years at dance conventions? Well if you’ve seen the video going viral these days (and featured on Good Morning America), of 7-year-olds bumping and grinding to “Single Ladies”, the topic is now a national debate.  Some people think it’s awful that the video is now so widespread (no pun intended) but I think it’s great because maybe, just maybe, dance studios will think twice from now on before choreographing and costuming this type of pedophile bait (click here to see it).  Of course, the parents interviewed on television see nothing wrong with it (and they probably think child beauty pageants are fine, too).  Some online commenters say, “Hey, leave them alone, they’re good dancers.” I liked this response: “Yeah? Strippers are good dancers, too!”

4 thoughts on “Little Miss Sunshine is Still Alive and Well: Seven-Year-Olds “Work It” to Single Ladies”

  1. I totally agree. I saw future topless dancers in that group. The only thing missing was the licked finger off the hot behind. The innocence of childhood seems to lost on the dance teacher machine; and parents wonder why their children are sexually active at age 14!!

  2. wow, unbelievable how the girls are dressed, and totally unnecessary! Then the lap dance move at the end was really over the top. And this is how the Dallas Maverick NBA dancers dance too. It is like we are in a “stripper culture.”

  3. Yeah, it’s like “Idiocracy”, or, to borrow from an even older movie, like Pottersville when George Bailey had never been born to live his “Wonderful Life”.  Save us, George!

  4. The video is hard to watch! I can’t believe these girls’ parents let them be a part of this dance. It is repulsive. I love the comment that strippers are good dancers, too. That makes me laugh!

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