Parents’ Picks Nominations Extended Until July 6

Hooray– the deadline has been extended!  Now there’s 19 more days to nominate Uncool Mom for a spot on the official nominations list for Best Blog in Nickelodeon’s annual Parents’ Picks Awards. (They’re choosing the top five vote-getters, by the way.) I know it’s more of a hassle this year to nominate, because you’ve got to have a log-in ID and password, but so far after choosing that, I’ve only received one email from Parents Picks, saying “Welcome”.  So, I don’t think they’re going to bombard you with emails, and if they do, you can choose to unsubscribe.  I have heard from one reader who ran into technical problems when he tried to sign up– please let me know if that happens to you (my email is at the bottom of the blog side bar).
In the meantime, put the following link in your Favorites and vote every day!

I promise to post something “non-voting” related soon– I have been battling a nasty cold, shuttling kids back and forth to summer activities, and helping my teen get ready for a week-long church youth trip to the Badlands of South Dakota– yes, to borrow a phrase from, it’s “Mt. Washmore” around our house these days!

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