Saturday Scrapbook: Bella’s Twilight Truck

Last year, Dallas area teen Sterling Biegert received the truck used in the movie, “Twilight” from her parents when she turned 17.  Not a bad birthday present for a major Twilight collector, huh? (And not a bad ride for a teenager, either! Although it doesn’t have power steering or air conditioning…) But rather than drive her friends to the movies, mall and football games, Sterling has chosen to use the truck to raise money for her favorite local charities (PediPlace, which provides health care for low income children, and CASA of Denton County, which provides volunteer court advocates for abused children).  She and the truck appear at various events around the Dallas area and for a $5 donation, you (or your whole family, as long as it’s not as big as the Duggars of Arkansas) can sit in the truck and/or stand by it and take as many pictures as you’d like.  Recently, my 11-year-old Emmie and I met some friends for a Twilight truck appearance at Watter’s Creek, a beautiful retail/dining/living area up in Allen, TX. 

Emmie poses in Bella’s truck, now Sterling’s truck, from the movie, “Twilight”.

The girls had fun sitting in the truck (Emmie’s friend: “I’m scooting over into the passenger seat so I can sit right where Taylor Lautner sat!!!”), and I had fun talking to Sterling.   She is a mature, friendly, self-assured teen who loves talking with people and has gotten lots of practice through media interviews broadcast/published all over the world.  Not to mention she was invited to Hollywood because of her charitable efforts and got to walk the red carpet with her Twilight idols.  As she talked to us at the truck appearance, she enthralled all the girls in line by telling them about meeting the actors– which one gave the best hugs, that Ashley Greene really is beautiful in person, etc.  I think Sterling deserves lots of hugs- for being a caring teen, yes, but in talking with her I learned that her Dad passed away late last year.  Sounds like he went to great lengths to help his daughter feed her passion for all things Twilight, not only in acquiring the truck (from a seller on ebay) and carefully checking out its authenticity, but he also took her on a trip to ComicCon in San Diego, where she got to see unreleased Twilight series movie clips, and they took another trip to Forks, Washington, adding a Forks High School visitor’s pass to her collection.

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