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I’m very excited to share that a past post from UncoolMom.com is the “featured post” for today, July 29,2010 at mamapedia.com. For those of you not familiar with Mamapedia, it’s a national website with all sorts of parenting and family articles as well as local advice and information.  On its homepage and in its Voices section, it showcases a different blog post every day, and also keeps the blog posts from the last four days visible. In addition, Mamapedia editors add eye-catchy photos and, about a week later, send out the featured post in a newsletter to their subscribers. So, needless to say, I am happy to be read by its 3.5+ million members.  The Uncool Mom post they’re featuring is “Geek Phobia– Can We Get a Vaccine, Please?” (from February 2010) and they’ve chosen a cute Glee-type photo to go with it, of kids in a show choir.  Please check it out at www.mamapedia.com or after 8/01/10 at this link.  I can always submit additional writing to Mamapedia for future consideration, so let me know if there’s a particular Uncool Mom post that you think deserves to be showcased!

4 thoughts on “Uncool Mom Featured On Mamapedia”

  1. Kudos, Uncool Mom on being the geeky sort that works with words. You’re nationwide.

    Thanks for bringing musical pursuits and Scouts to the attention of parents whose kids are not wanna-be first-draft picks for the Dream Team. You can add to that list, too: chess clubs, drama clubs, Math clubs (oh, now there’s REAL geekiness), Robotics, FFA, 4H, Explorers, Camp Fire, AcDec, Moot Court, Newspaper and Journalism,…should I go on?
    If it’s not the sports team, the drill team, or the cheerleaders, “there’s a geek for that.”
    Consider this:
    If we summed all the geeks across all categories of possible geeky behavior, the geeks would probably outnumber the non-geeks, indicating that geeks are indeed the majority. As such, the geeks rule. My oldest daughter figured this out at one time, and decided that being a geek offered the best chance of survival and long-term happiness. She decided that she was more likely to meet a geek for a partner than a non-geek, simply by virtue of the odds.
    Therefore, she could rest easy, knowing that the chance of someone finding her attractive as a geek was greater than 50%, because there are more geeky guys than non-geeks, by definition. QED.

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