Raising Girls

Happy Birthday, Shaun Cassidy

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Shaun Cassidy, 2005


I heard on the radio this morning that Shaun Cassidy turns 52 today. They played part of one of his tunes and it took me back. It also made me think
about the whole phenomenon of teen idols. I guess ever since the invention of movies, records, and fan magazines, there have been teen …

Domestic Engineering

At Least I Buy Fresh Fruit…

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I’ve never thought of myself as a domestic diva, but I think I’m at least a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, between
“Barely Knows How To Boil Water” and “While Homemade Bread is Baking In Perfectly Cleaned Oven, She Hand-Paints Her Own Gift Wrap And Coordinating Tags On A Table She’s Refinished All By
Herself.”  I mean I did major in journalism and Home Economics. I was in 4-H for six years as a teenager, sewing and cooking …

Kids and school

The Passing Period: More Like A Passing Dash

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When parents have a bone to pick with a teacher or a school, it’s definitely a whole different ballgame than
everyday consumer complaints. Many things race through your head when trying to decide if you should speak out or not. Will the teacher take it out on my child in the classroom if I complain? Will
my complaint really make a difference? Will they laugh at me after I leave? You know there are those parents who are in the principal’s …

Being a Better Parent

Ordinary Family

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Just watched a sneak preview of the new ABC TV show, No Ordinary Family, about a family who discovers they each
have a superpower after surviving a plane crash. And I must say, while I know a lot of people are into superheroes these days, I thought the best parts of the show were the ordinary moments. The
moments that people can relate to, where they can say, yeah, I know someone like that, or wow, they act just like my …


Form Fatigue

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Are other parents with school-aged kids feeling the crush of back-to-school paperwork this year, or is it just
me? That was the question on my mind last Thursday afternoon when I got an email asking me to fill out what seemed like the 50th  (or was it the 60th) “form” I’ve had to
fill out since the start of school. I put the question to Barb, a mother of two, ages 10 and 13, who was at the elementary school that …