Friday Freebie: Netbook/Laptop Case

From now until October 1st, get a free “Uncool Mom” netbook case or laptop case with every $40 order from the Uncool Shop! Or, you can just order one of the cases for around $15. I just entered the laptop world a couple months ago and am really loving it.  All moms of teenagers should have one– when they’re driving you crazy and you can’t get any work done, you can just “fold up your office” and get away– to your bedroom, the nearest coffee shop, etc.  I even get work done in my car sometimes, while waiting to pick up kids… for the freebie, just enter the code FREESLEEVE (Canada: CADFREESLEEVE) at checkout. To see all the designs available for the cases (as well as all the cool Uncool exercise tanks, etc.) , just click on the Uncool Shop in the right-hand sidebar of this blog.

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