The Super Bowl is in Town…Should I Be Excited? Plus: A Unique Snack for Gringo Super Bowl Parties

My metropolitan area is experiencing two Big Firsts this week. It’s the first time since anyone can remember that all area school districts have been closed for four days straight due to snow and ice, and the first time our fair metroplex has hosted a Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLV, comin’ to a domed stadium about 45 minutes from me.   The most-watched sporting event in the U.S. …Amidst rolling power outages, dwindling food in the fridge, squirrels (or is it mice?) taking refuge in our garage, kids who’d rather not be holed up together for four days straight, and a flat tire on the aravan when I finally did get out to drive on the ice—do I care?

Maybe if the Super Bowl Half Time entertainers, The Black Eyed Peas, had come along in their limo when I needed a ride home from my flat-tired car…  I guess the only thing that Super Bowl XLV has done for me is it’s brought some good humor along with it—writers like the Dallas Morning News’ Jacquielynn Floyd have been dishing out some funny
commentary about how the world is preparing for a Dallas Super Bowl (Blowing up inflatable cacti to put next to their TV screens? Really?) and local businesses are trying to cash in with some pretty corny advertising (“Get Your Game Face On” implored the ad in today’s paper from a store’s cosmetics department—“Score a touchdown with a touchup! Discover the secrets to playmaking lashes! Kick off with our spring color collection!”).  And, I am looking forward to the annual Super Bowl party we attend, where we’ll see friends we haven’t seen since Super Bowl 44. 

But other than that, the Super Bowl’s nearby presence  is really not affecting me that much.  That is, unless the legions of fans and celebrities in town seek out local blogs for information– since the words “Super Bowl” are in the title of this post, they just might find Uncool Mom, stop by for a visit, click on my ads, and help me greatly increase my revenue.  Then I would be forever grateful to Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and impresario of Cowboys Stadium.

Sooooo, with that in mind, I’d like to offer up my recommendation to any out-of-towners that may be reading this: before you leave town, buy some Takis. You know how regions of the country have certain packaged foods you can’t get anywhere else? For example, in Southeast Iowa they have Sterzing’s Potato Chips.  And my east coast friends crave Tastykakes, a Dolly Madison/Hostess type of confection found in stores “back home”.  Well, for a taste of North Texas that might not be readily accessible back home, Packers and Steelers fans should put a few bags of Takis in their suitcase before they leave.  “Taki” is a take-off on the word “taquito”, i.e. a tightly rolled-up corn tortilla stuffed with meat and then fried, a staple at area Tex-Mex restaurants. The Takis bagged snacks are basically a taquito minus the stuffing, and rolled in various yummy seasonings.  They are made in Mexico by a company called Barcel and distributed in the U.S. by Bimbo.  My youngest child first found out about them earlier this year at the school lunch table, when a Hispanic student pulled them out of her lunch bag and shared.  Emmie and the rest of us have been hooked ever since.  We’ve been able to find them at area gas station convenience stores and at the Hispanic grocery chain, Fiesta (and upon calling Bimbo, I found out they are also available at some Wal Marts, and online at  I’m not a big champion of snack foods, but I must say, Takis are REALLY GOOD and from looking at the nutrition facts, a bit better for you than the average potato chip. They come in five flavors (Guacamole is my favorite—Fuego and Nitro are so hot they make spicy food fans cry) and luckily we bought all five before the storm hit—when Emmie and her friends come inside after playing in the snow, I’ve been hearing a lot of “Can we have some Takis and hot chocolate?”  Yes, definitely a unique way to warm up… 

Unfortunately, I won’t be taking a bag to our friends’ Super Bowl party.  I’ve been assigned to bring vegetables—“either hot or cold or both” the note said.  But hey—since guacamole is made with avocados, maybe I will sneak a few guac Takis on that veggie tray…

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