Two-fer Tuesday: An Offbeat Mother’s Day Gift

Gotta put in a plug today for my bumper stickers (click here to see a picture), now that it’s only 12 days until Mother’s Day.  They make great offbeat gifts (or package toppers) for friends who are moms, or, if she’s got a good sense of humor, your own mom.  And the best part is, they’re free if you drop me a line at, and the shipping is free, too (so there you have it, the “two-fer”…).  Just send me the shipping address and I’ll get it in the mail ASAP.  Better yet, if you slap the sticker on your car and send me a photo of it, I’ll send you a free T-shirt, too.

And, if you’re skeptical about it and think you or your friend would just be a walking advertisement, the shirts and bumper stickers are more of a statement than an advertisement.  Most people who stop and comment when they see me wearing one of the shirts or driving in my car don’t think it’s a real website– they just think I’m saying, “I’m so uncool, I’m”  And very proud of that fact!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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