Friday Freebie: Great Green Bean Giveaway!

GreenLine Foods, Inc., the largest grower of green beans in the U.S. from May to October, is promoting its line of packaged, fresh green beans through a “Great Green Bean Giveaway”, and recently sent me a coupon to try a 12 oz. bag for free.  They are yummy, pre-trimmed and washed, and super easy to prepare (takes 4 minutes to steam them in the microwave, right in the bag).  We ate them as a side dish along with some Chicken Marsala I fixed for dinner tonight– the bag says 4 servings but I’d say it’s more like 5 or 6!  And we each got a lot!  If you’d like to try a bag of GreenLine beans, I have TEN more “free bag” coupons to give away, so drop me a line at with your name and address (or if I already know your address, just ask for a coupon in the Comments section below).  The coupon may be used for a free 12 oz. bag of GreenLine Green Beans, or for a 12 oz. bag of GreenLine’s Beans and Carrots.

GreenLine Products can be found in the produce section of the following stores: Safeway, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Publix, A & P, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Albertsons, and most regional supermarkets like Randalls, Kings, Ralph’s, Tom Thumb and Jewel.  But there are more, so if you don’t see a store that’s convenient to you, let me know.  Happy eating!

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  1. Thanks, Debbie, and I got your other note with your address.  Will be sending one to Washington state ASAP!

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