Fruity Friday Freebie: Cold Drinks to Beat the Heat!

Isn’t the summer heat wave getting “old”? Enough of this already!!! Well, maybe it’s not so bad if you’re on the Pacific Coast, especially from Carmel, CA up to Seattle, WA– I saw yesterday on the weather map that that’s the place to be right now to escape!  But here in North Texas, I’ve actually been getting excited if the sun goes behind a cloud for even a few seconds– you know it’s been too hot for too long when you start feeling like that! So I was glad when Tampico Beverages sent me 10 coupons to give away, each good for a free 20 oz. bottle of a Tampico fruit drink. I figured some, if not all of you, might welcome the refreshment. Tampico has traditionally been sold “family size”, in 32 oz. and gallon size jugs, so the new 20-oz. individual size is perfect for putting on a bike, in a backpack or into a car’s drink holder.  It’s available in Mango, Citrus, and Tropical and with this freebie you can choose any flavor.  Tampico is in wide distribution (sometimes it’s in the fruit juice aisle; sometimes it’s in the cold case); click here to see where it’s sold in your area.  Email me at if you’d like me to send you a coupon! I’ll send them out as long as the supply lasts!

Also, if you have a college-bound teen who badly wants a laptop, check this out: To celebrate the new drink size, Tampico launched an online photo contest this summer called “Unique Like You”, where entrants can submit photos of themselves, customize the photos with fun add-ons and ask their friends to vote for their photos.  The grand prize is a “Digital Rock Star Kit” including a laptop computer, so if your teen is on Facebook (contest is open to those ages 18 and up), you might want to forward this link to him/her:  The contest runs until 8/21/11.

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