The Texas Teen Driver Written Test: Could You Pass?

My 16-year-old finally got her learner’s permit the other day, taking over six months to finally complete the 6 hours of required online reading she had to do before applying (remember, we’re doing “parent taught”).  Based on the guidelines from the course we purchased, and the TX Dept. of Public Safety’s online instructions for getting a driver’s license, I told her she wouldn’t have to take a written test until she actually applied for a license, and a driving test then, too. Luckily, two days before we were to go in to apply for the permit, I found out, from another mom, that I was wrong. The written test was required for the permit.  “But it probably won’t be a big deal,” I told her. I couldn’t imagine they’d make it hard on someone who is just getting started learning to drive, who hasn’t even been allowed to get behind the wheel with their parents. Wrong again. A 30-question test awaited her, with most questions pulled straight from the 120 sample questions in the back of the Texas Driver’s Handbook. You can only miss eight.  (See the kind of stuff we first-time parent driving teachers are in the dark about??)  Needless to say, she didn’t pass. I wouldn’t have either.

Here are a dozen questions from the handbook, some of which were on her test– I’ll put the answers below them. Reply back and let me know how you did! (Facebook readers may have to go outside of Facebook in order to comment directly on the blog.)  (Oh, and by the way, she passed the test last Wednesday, which was especially great because on Tuesday, she found out she’d just been hired at her first paying job.  So let the driving practice begin!)

1.) When are you legally required to turn on your headlights? a.) At sunset  b.) 30 minutes before sunset  c.) 30 minutes after sunset d.) none of the above
2.) What is the maximum fine for a first-time DWI? a.) $2,000  b.) $4,000  c.) $10,000  d.) none of the above
3.) What results in a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license? a.) causing a serious accident b.) using a fake or altered ID/license c.) not following the restrictions on your driver’s license  d.) fleeing from a police officer
4.) When walking down the street, on what side of the road should you walk? a.) on the side where you are walking in the same direction as the traffic in the lane closest to you  b.) on the side with traffic going in the opposite direction in the lane closest to you  c.) Either side, it doesn’t matter
5.) What direction should you turn your front wheels if you are parked uphill next to a curb? a.)toward the curb b.) away from the curb
6.) What word on a road sign indicates a short state highway in a city or urban area?
7.) Within how many feet of a crosswalk may you park, when parking near a corner? a.) 10 feet b.) 20 feet  c.) 40 feet  d.) 100 feet
8.) What do you do when approaching an intersection if you see a steady yellow light? a.) Stop before the intersection  b.) Stop before the intersection if it’s safe to do so and if not, proceed with caution  c.) Proceed into the intersection with caution, stop and wait if you’re making a left turn  d.) all of the above
9.) When parked parallel, your curb side wheels must be no more than how many inches from the curb? a.) 6   b.) 9  c.) 12  d.) 18
10.) What is the minimum distance from a fireplug that a vehicle may lawfully park? a.) 5 feet  b.) 10 feet  c.) 15 feet  d.) 20 feet
11.) If a school bus is stopped and alternately flashing its red lights, what other cars must stop? a.) those approaching the bus from behind  b.) those approaching the bus from the front  c.) both a. and b. d.) None. You only stop if they flip out their “Stop” sign.
12.) When are accident reports required? a.) If there is $1,000 damage or more to a vehicle  b.) when a hit and run accident has occured  c.) If a vehicle is disabled  d.) all of the above

1.c (Huh?)
2.a  (but it could be c if there is a passenger under age 15)
3. b. (all the others are a possible suspension)
4. b
5. b (it’s “a” when there is no curb)
6. “Loop”
7. b
8. b
9.  d
10. c
11. c
12. d

8 thoughts on “The Texas Teen Driver Written Test: Could You Pass?”

  1. I really enjoyed your driving test article. I tried the test above and missed most of the questions. I live in Cali but many of these rules and laws are the same. I look forward to your other blogs.

  2. You’re right!  I thought, out of all the driving-related questions they could put on the test, that one was a little odd.  But I think it has to do with, “If your car breaks down on the side of the road, what side of the road should you walk on?” because there’s a lot of car maintenance and car breakdown safety stuff in the handbook…

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