One Day On Earth 11-11-11: Get out your cameras!

Remember the worldwide video project in which my family participated on 10-10-10? It’s called One Day On Earth, and thousands of people all over the world shot video footage of themselves, or their surroundings, or their kids, or whatever, all on that one day.  The edited result is going to be shown at theatres in February 2012. I shot footage while our family was on vacation in Florida– don’t know if our contribution is going to be included (although the project’s editors did contact me and had me mail them all my raw footage since I had problems uploading all of it to their website) but it was still fun to be a part– mind-blowing might be a better description, if you think about people capturing so many things happening at the same time, miles apart. (To get an early glimpse at the 10-10-10 documentary, click on this link to watch the trailer: )

Amazingly, there is still room (and time) to be included in the final product.  Today (11-11-11) the folks at One Day On Earth are asking anyone and everyone to pick up a video camera and record life as it’s happening around them until midnight.  To get ideas of what to capture, there are categories listed at— I know that pregnancy, childbirth, and children are some of the “hot topics”.  Just shoot video, head to, and follow the directions for uploading your images.  (Deadline for submissions is 12-11-11.) Remember– even though there are National Geographic-worthy images submitted to this project, such as the amazing, painted participant in a Kosovo wedding ceremony or the flock of pink flamingoes, “everyday” stuff is good to be included, too, from non-professional photographers.  And even though it’s probably not possible for the editors to include everyone’s footage in the final product, everyone who participates is still given a page at their website from which their video can be seen, and included on a worldwide map, a “geo-tagged video archive” that pinpoints every place from which video was submitted, the name of the person who submitted it, and what their video is all about. 

Never before has a project like this been undertaken– how exciting to be a part!  And, what a great educational opportunity for kids.  I can’t wait to take mine to see the film next year, so they can see that we truly do live in an amazing global community.