Friday Freebie: Baking Mixes, Cookbooks, and More

Today’s giveaway is a $25 gift certificate to the Hodgson Mill online store ( If you’re into whole wheat and flaxseed like me (remember Emmie’s nickname for me– “Nutrish Patrish”?) or if you’re always on the lookout for gluten-free products, you probably are already familiar with Hodgson Mill and know how great this giveaway is, and how you can get a lot of Hodgson Mill products for $25.  And if you’ve never tried them, it’s definitely worth putting your name in this drawing to see what they’re all about. 

I’ve raised my kids on whole wheat bread, pancakes, and sometimes, pasta, and taught them to throw in a handful of ground flaxseed when they make chocolate chip muffins from a Betty Crocker boxed mix to “up” the nutrition. It’s just never made sense to me that when we’re so lucky to have all the choices that we have in our supermarkets, why choose white bread when its whole wheat counterpart, sitting right next to the white, is so much better for your health, and richer tasting? Why eat muffins and cookies made with refined white flour, where the grain has been stripped of most of its God-given nutrients, when you can make them (or in some rare instances, buy them pre-made) with bran, flaxseed, whole wheat (or a Hodgson Mill mix) instead? Some would say they can’t stand the taste, but I say there’s nothing that a little butter, honey, cinnamon/sugar, peanut butter, or real fruit jam can’t fix.  I could go on and on, especially since I “went lo-carb” this past summer and learned even more about the negatives of white flour…but you can look up that stuff on the Internet.

What’s more important right now is that this gift certificate can be used toward the purchase of anything from the Hodgson Mill online store– cookbooks, coffee mugs, cereals, flour; mixes for yummy stuff like European Cheese and Herb Bread, gluten-free pizza dough and pancakes, and brownies; Garlic & Basil Whole Wheat Couscous; even “Vidalia Sweet Onion Ring” batter mix… so write to me at before 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 12 to let me know you want to be in the drawing (U.S. residents only on this one).  Just send me your name and if you win, I’ll ask for more information. (Hodgson Mill is also giving away a Baker’s Gift Pack valued at $85; click here or go to to check that out.)

In the meantime, I’m going to be busy whipping up some cookies for the Hodgson Mill “Have a Grain Holiday!” recipe contest for bloggers. Yep, that’s right– me, in a recipe contest!  They had to “twist my arm”, but when I found out I didn’t have to come up with the recipe completely from scratch (and that they were sending me two bags of flour), I was sold on the idea.  Besides, now that the weather has turned frosty in North Texas and Christmas is near, I’m definitely in the mood to bake (never mind that I also have to snap a decent photo of what I create!!!).  I will keep you posted on the results and hopefully I will be able to eventually share the recipe with you. Maybe if I get good at this I just might be a mom that always has warm treats for her kids when they get home from school…well, maybe one day a week…okay, okay…I’ll be doing good if it’s once or twice a month!!! Wish me luck!

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