Friday Freebie: A Handy Phone App Plus Trendy Eyewear!

If your kids have been sick as much as mine have been lately, today’s freebie could come in very handy—it’s a free website service and free mobile app (for iPhone, Blackberry and Android), called ZocDoc ( that allow you to book doctor appointments online, at your convenience 24/7, without ever having to call and deal with the frustrations of being put on hold.

Here’s how it works:

-Search for nearby doctors who accept your insurance

-View doctors’ photos, qualifications, verified patient reviews and ratings, and available appointment times

-Click on an appointment time to instantly book that appointment

-Receive reminder emails and text messages with the office location to ensure you make it to your appointment 

ZocDoc will also send you e-mail reminders when it’s time to schedule your next dental cleaning or checkup to help you stay healthier long-term. Best part is, ZocDoc gets you in to see a doctor fast! According to a Merrit Hawkins study, U.S. patients wait about three weeks on average for a doctor’s appointment. But 40 percent of ZocDoc patients make an appointment that takes place within 24 hours, and 60 percent make an appointment that takes place within three days!

I can also see ZocDoc coming in very handy when you are out of town.  How many of you have had a sick kid (or sick spouse) while on vacation, or been sick yourself when away from home?  My hand is up in the air, and it’s waving wildly—been there, done that, more than once!

Every Uncool Mom reader who checks out the ZocDoc website and/or free mobile app will be entered in a drawing (exclusive to Uncool Mom readers) for a free pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses or sunglasses, courtesy of ZocDoc—the gift certificate covers the ENTIRE cost, including prescription lenses! (See below for more on Warby Parker.) Just leave a comment in the comments section below telling me what you think of the ZocDoc website, free mobile app, or both, to be entered to win the gift certificate.

This promotion will last until the end of February so be sure to leave a comment by 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 29!


About the eyewear/sunglasses: Warby Parker is a fun and very unique NYC startup with nine showrooms across the country including NYC, LA, Austin (TX), Philadelphia, and Columbus, Ohio—they offer designer frames at less-than-designer prices, plus free shipping, at-home try-on and return service. For every pair of eyewear sold, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. Check them out at!

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