Friday Freebie: Win a Gift Card to Sneakpeeq Plus 20% Off Just for Entering!

Another exclusive deal for Uncool Mom readers– a chance to try out home, food, and fashion at up to 70% off at plus get an additional 20% off just for trying it out through the link below. And, everyone that tries out sneakpeeq through the Uncool Mom link gets entered in a drawing, just for Uncool Mom readers, for a $25 sneakpeeq gift card!!!

I’m excited to be partnering with sneakpeeq since they are the “largest and fastest growing social shopping company on Facebook”, with over 300,000 current users, and in December was named one of the “Top Ten Best Social Apps of 2011” right up there with Pinterest and Spotify.  They currently feature almost 20 different brands divided up into “boutiques” that change daily.

Of course being the techno-doofus that I am, I had no idea what “social shopping” is.  But really it’s a brilliant idea on their part– online shoppers head to sneakpeeq and browse items, as they might at other shopping sites, only at sneakpeeq, when they click on an item’s tag to “peeq” at the price and see what kind of discount they can get, sneakpeeq shares that deal with their Facebook friends. The more you “peeq”, the more “badges” you earn toward other discounts.

So, try it out and see what you think! It’s really easy to do– just click on this link: (If you’ve accessed Uncool Mom through Facebook, first make sure you “x” out of the toolbar/frame that Facebook throws around the perimeter of the blog).  Once you click on the sneakpeeq link, it will ask you to sign into Facebook if you’re not signed in already. And that’s it! No other information needed. You’ll receive 20% off if you decide to buy anything during this shopping trip, plus you’ll get entered in the drawing for a $25 gift card whether you make a purchase or not.  Drawing ends Monday, March 19 at 11:59 p.m. I’ll post the winner’s name in the comment space below. Good luck and have fun “peeq-ing”!

Discount and contest open only to new sneakpeeq users.

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