Uncool Parent Hall of Fame: Madonna

Just had to share a video (see below) after seeing Madonna perform at yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVI.  It’s a video I discovered a couple months ago, released last fall for a promotion going on at the time at Macy’s.  It shows Madonna and her 15-year-old daughter, Lourdes (“Lola”), talking as Madonna gets her hair done, and while you gotta think it’s probably scripted at least in part, it’s still pretty funny seeing her daughter call herself “part of the cool world” to set herself apart from her mom, who in Lola’s eyes is “old”, and Madonna shooting back at her with the word, “timeless” as an alternative to “old”.  Makes us uncool moms feel good that we’re in such celebrated company!  (Guess if even Madonna is considered uncool by her kid, those of you still trying hard to be cool better give it up!)

Yes, the Material Girl showed us yesterday how “timeless” she is and how great middle age can look and move.  I’ve never been much of a fan before, but — WOW! If you saw it, weren’t you impressed?  Sure didn’t look like a body double doing those cartwheels– and when she got to comically sing the line, “I work out!” with the guys from LMFAO, you knew she wasn’t lying!
Definitely inspired me to keep up my exercise classes.


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