Friday Freebie: Cheese!

Today’s freebie is easier than entering a drawing—at least if you live in Texas, or are here for Spring Break.  Just head to your nearest supermarket and some really nice people from Tillamook are likely to be handing out free cheese (three kinds!) plus dollar-off coupons and yummy recipes.  They’re driving all over the country in the cutest “mini-bus” you’ve ever seen, called the Baby Loaf bus, taking photos of their adventures and the people they meet.  Check out the video on the left sidebar of this blog to see the bus in action (or head to and you’ll also see Luke and Dale, two of the folks who are handing out samples.

While Allison and I were out shopping on Wednesday, we stopped by a nearby Kroger to check out the above-mentioned cheese and its famous car.  While not quite as iconic (or larger than life) as the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, it definitely deserves a spot in a list of “top ten best advertising vehicles” …’cause it’s just sooooo cute, like something you might see in Dr. Seuss’ ‘Whoville’! If only I could get one painted to look like the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine…

Can you tell it’s tiny? I’m only 5’2″ tall if that helps you get perspective…
and it’s taking up only the middle of the parking space!

But enough about the car.  We didn’t get to meet Luke and Dale from the video but we did get to meet two very nice gals who seem to be having a ball spending spring break handing out cheese.  Al and I tried two kinds of cheddar and some pepper jack and they were all tasty, and I was pleased to learn that Tillamook cheese is rbst-free (no growth hormones injected into the cows that made it).

Tillamook and its fleet of loaves-on-wheels will be all over Texas throughout the spring and in other states beginning in June.
Go to 
to see the complete schedule!

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