New Uncool Mother’s Day Gifts!

Just in time for Mother’s Day– new women’s tees at The Uncool Shop! I designed ’em and I think they’re much more chic than the previous ones– new fonts, several new V-necks in gray, black and white (or you can change them to make them whatever color you need) plus a new regular tee that has hearts instead of the “O’s” in the word, “Uncool Mom” (see below for snippets of a couple of the new designs).  The new regular tee is less than $12 and the new V-necks range from $16-19. And, until May 8th, you can get free shipping on any order over $30 with the code, MOTHERSDAY12. Click “The Uncool Shop” on the right-hand sidebar to order and to see more– there are still laptop cases, umbrellas and aprons in the shop, too! Paypal accepted!