About the Author

Mom, wife, Texan by transplant, and writer, I’ve been a published author since I was a kid, from a poem in a national United Methodist “Sunday School magazine” to freelance writing for The Dallas Morning News for more than 20 years to my current work in municipal communications, where I churn out an e-newsletter every week featuring 16-20 articles. I’ve also written for many local magazines in the Dallas, TX area as well as some in Austin and Houston, written for a global luxury travel consortium and worked in advertising, public relations and special events. I enjoy what I do and love being able to (hopefully) enrich others’ lives through my words, whether it’s helping them find a great destination to explore or helping them get through the roller coaster known as parenting. Because, ultimately, I’m a reader who has benefited so much by so many writers, and I’m just paying it forward.