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Friday Freebie: Cheese!

Today’s freebie is easier than entering a drawing—at least if you live in Texas, or are here for Spring Break.  Just head to your nearest supermarket and some really nice people from Tillamook are likely to be handing out free cheese (three kinds!) plus dollar-off coupons and yummy recipes.  They’re driving all over the country in the cutest “mini-bus” you’ve ever seen, called the Baby Loaf bus, taking photos of their adventures and the people they meet.  Check out the video on the left sidebar of this blog to see the bus in action (or head to and you’ll also see Luke and Dale, two of the folks who are handing out samples.

While Allison and I were out shopping on Wednesday, we stopped by a nearby Kroger to check out the above-mentioned cheese and its famous car.  While not quite as iconic (or larger than life) as the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, it definitely deserves a spot in a list of “top ten best advertising vehicles” …’cause it’s just sooooo cute, like something you might see in Dr. Seuss’ ‘Whoville’! If only I could get one painted to look like the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine…

Can you tell it’s tiny? I’m only 5’2″ tall if that helps you get perspective…
and it’s taking up only the middle of the parking space!

But enough about the car.  We didn’t get to meet Luke and Dale from the video but we did get to meet two very nice gals who seem to be having a ball spending spring break handing out cheese.  Al and I tried two kinds of cheddar and some pepper jack and they were all tasty, and I was pleased to learn that Tillamook cheese is rbst-free (no growth hormones injected into the cows that made it).

Tillamook and its fleet of loaves-on-wheels will be all over Texas throughout the spring and in other states beginning in June.
Go to 
to see the complete schedule!

Friday Freebie: Win a Gift Card to Sneakpeeq Plus 20% Off Just for Entering!

Another exclusive deal for Uncool Mom readers– a chance to try out home, food, and fashion at up to 70% off at plus get an additional 20% off just for trying it out through the link below. And, everyone that tries out sneakpeeq through the Uncool Mom link gets entered in a drawing, just for Uncool Mom readers, for a $25 sneakpeeq gift card!!!

I’m excited to be partnering with sneakpeeq since they are the “largest and fastest growing social shopping company on Facebook”, with over 300,000 current users, and in December was named one of the “Top Ten Best Social Apps of 2011” right up there with Pinterest and Spotify.  They currently feature almost 20 different brands divided up into “boutiques” that change daily.

Of course being the techno-doofus that I am, I had no idea what “social shopping” is.  But really it’s a brilliant idea on their part– online shoppers head to sneakpeeq and browse items, as they might at other shopping sites, only at sneakpeeq, when they click on an item’s tag to “peeq” at the price and see what kind of discount they can get, sneakpeeq shares that deal with their Facebook friends. The more you “peeq”, the more “badges” you earn toward other discounts.

So, try it out and see what you think! It’s really easy to do– just click on this link: (If you’ve accessed Uncool Mom through Facebook, first make sure you “x” out of the toolbar/frame that Facebook throws around the perimeter of the blog).  Once you click on the sneakpeeq link, it will ask you to sign into Facebook if you’re not signed in already. And that’s it! No other information needed. You’ll receive 20% off if you decide to buy anything during this shopping trip, plus you’ll get entered in the drawing for a $25 gift card whether you make a purchase or not.  Drawing ends Monday, March 19 at 11:59 p.m. I’ll post the winner’s name in the comment space below. Good luck and have fun “peeq-ing”!

Discount and contest open only to new sneakpeeq users.

Friday Freebie: A Handy Phone App Plus Trendy Eyewear!

If your kids have been sick as much as mine have been lately, today’s freebie could come in very handy—it’s a free website service and free mobile app (for iPhone, Blackberry and Android), called ZocDoc ( that allow you to book doctor appointments online, at your convenience 24/7, without ever having to call and deal with the frustrations of being put on hold.

Here’s how it works:

-Search for nearby doctors who accept your insurance

-View doctors’ photos, qualifications, verified patient reviews and ratings, and available appointment times

-Click on an appointment time to instantly book that appointment

-Receive reminder emails and text messages with the office location to ensure you make it to your appointment 

ZocDoc will also send you e-mail reminders when it’s time to schedule your next dental cleaning or checkup to help you stay healthier long-term. Best part is, ZocDoc gets you in to see a doctor fast! According to a Merrit Hawkins study, U.S. patients wait about three weeks on average for a doctor’s appointment. But 40 percent of ZocDoc patients make an appointment that takes place within 24 hours, and 60 percent make an appointment that takes place within three days!

I can also see ZocDoc coming in very handy when you are out of town.  How many of you have had a sick kid (or sick spouse) while on vacation, or been sick yourself when away from home?  My hand is up in the air, and it’s waving wildly—been there, done that, more than once!

Every Uncool Mom reader who checks out the ZocDoc website and/or free mobile app will be entered in a drawing (exclusive to Uncool Mom readers) for a free pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses or sunglasses, courtesy of ZocDoc—the gift certificate covers the ENTIRE cost, including prescription lenses! (See below for more on Warby Parker.) Just leave a comment in the comments section below telling me what you think of the ZocDoc website, free mobile app, or both, to be entered to win the gift certificate.

This promotion will last until the end of February so be sure to leave a comment by 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 29!


About the eyewear/sunglasses: Warby Parker is a fun and very unique NYC startup with nine showrooms across the country including NYC, LA, Austin (TX), Philadelphia, and Columbus, Ohio—they offer designer frames at less-than-designer prices, plus free shipping, at-home try-on and return service. For every pair of eyewear sold, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. Check them out at!

Friday Freebie: Yummy Eats From Taco Cabana

Just in time for the busy holiday season: free food from Taco Cabana! The folks at Taco Cabana have given me three “be our guest” passes to give away (worth $5.99 off any purchase, alcohol excluded) so I’ll send them to the first three people who write to me ( before Thursday, 12/22/11.

If you win one, I highly encourage you to use it toward the purchase of one of TC’s “Group Meals”, especially if you’ve got a busy family (and are being pulled in 2000 different directions this season!).   For around $20 (the meals start at $17.99), you can feed 3-4 people with entree selections like a tray of eight beef, chicken or cheese enchiladas; a dozen chicken flautas; a pound of brisket; or a pound of beef, chicken or mixed fajitas.  All come with rice, beans and tortillas. Our family just ate the mixed fajita Group Meal and it was GREAT, not only because it was convenient and we were all super busy today, but also we were pleasantly surprised at the ample amount of food (you know how lots of packaged meals will say “serves 4” and you’re wondering, once you see it, if they meant “four toddlers“!?).  This group meal came with one pound of grilled beef and chicken, as promised, but larger-than-expected containers of rice and beans, a big stack of steaming hot tortillas, and a bunch of sides not mentioned on the drive-thru board: chopped tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, and lots of shredded lettuce and cheese.  We ate ’til we were full and still had leftovers.  I am definitely going to add this to my arsenal of last-minute dinner ideas and think other fast food establishments ought to follow suit.  It’s just taking what you already have and marketing/packaging it in a different way.

Genius idea, Taco Cabana!! Thanks for letting me know about it!

Friday Freebie: Baking Mixes, Cookbooks, and More

Today’s giveaway is a $25 gift certificate to the Hodgson Mill online store ( If you’re into whole wheat and flaxseed like me (remember Emmie’s nickname for me– “Nutrish Patrish”?) or if you’re always on the lookout for gluten-free products, you probably are already familiar with Hodgson Mill and know how great this giveaway is, and how you can get a lot of Hodgson Mill products for $25.  And if you’ve never tried them, it’s definitely worth putting your name in this drawing to see what they’re all about. 

I’ve raised my kids on whole wheat bread, pancakes, and sometimes, pasta, and taught them to throw in a handful of ground flaxseed when they make chocolate chip muffins from a Betty Crocker boxed mix to “up” the nutrition. It’s just never made sense to me that when we’re so lucky to have all the choices that we have in our supermarkets, why choose white bread when its whole wheat counterpart, sitting right next to the white, is so much better for your health, and richer tasting? Why eat muffins and cookies made with refined white flour, where the grain has been stripped of most of its God-given nutrients, when you can make them (or in some rare instances, buy them pre-made) with bran, flaxseed, whole wheat (or a Hodgson Mill mix) instead? Some would say they can’t stand the taste, but I say there’s nothing that a little butter, honey, cinnamon/sugar, peanut butter, or real fruit jam can’t fix.  I could go on and on, especially since I “went lo-carb” this past summer and learned even more about the negatives of white flour…but you can look up that stuff on the Internet.

What’s more important right now is that this gift certificate can be used toward the purchase of anything from the Hodgson Mill online store– cookbooks, coffee mugs, cereals, flour; mixes for yummy stuff like European Cheese and Herb Bread, gluten-free pizza dough and pancakes, and brownies; Garlic & Basil Whole Wheat Couscous; even “Vidalia Sweet Onion Ring” batter mix… so write to me at before 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 12 to let me know you want to be in the drawing (U.S. residents only on this one).  Just send me your name and if you win, I’ll ask for more information. (Hodgson Mill is also giving away a Baker’s Gift Pack valued at $85; click here or go to to check that out.)

In the meantime, I’m going to be busy whipping up some cookies for the Hodgson Mill “Have a Grain Holiday!” recipe contest for bloggers. Yep, that’s right– me, in a recipe contest!  They had to “twist my arm”, but when I found out I didn’t have to come up with the recipe completely from scratch (and that they were sending me two bags of flour), I was sold on the idea.  Besides, now that the weather has turned frosty in North Texas and Christmas is near, I’m definitely in the mood to bake (never mind that I also have to snap a decent photo of what I create!!!).  I will keep you posted on the results and hopefully I will be able to eventually share the recipe with you. Maybe if I get good at this I just might be a mom that always has warm treats for her kids when they get home from school…well, maybe one day a week…okay, okay…I’ll be doing good if it’s once or twice a month!!! Wish me luck!

Friday Freebie: Luxury Sheets

Hi all– sorry I haven’t posted in a week, but I had a birthday and took a “vacation from my desk” instead.  It almost felt like a “real” vacation, because a set of luxury sheets arrived on my doorstep from my friends at Mattress Giant. They asked me to try them out and let you know what I thought, because they’re also giving a sheet set to one of my lucky readers!!

So here’s the scoop: The sheets are called Giant Comfort. They’re 100% polyester but feel like a high thread count cotton– definitely like linens from a really good hotel. They’re lightweight, soft, silky– deserving of their subtitle, “Premium Linen”. The fitted sheet has really deep pockets so, for example, if you get “Queen” size, they should fit a regular or high top Queen. Retail value for the 4-piece set is $39.99.  One winner will receive a set (one flat, one fitted, and two pillow cases) in the size of their choice– just write to me ( and let me know that you want to be in on the drawing. This time, you have until November 28, 2011 to let me know– so I hope to hear from you!

Meanwhile, check out Mattress Giant’s “What Do You Dream About?” Sweepstakes on their Facebook fan page (!/MattressGiant?sk=app_28134323652).  They’re giving away a “dream” package, including a “Embody” by Sealy Motivation queen set, sheets, pillows and more (valued at almost $3,000)! In addition to the sweepstakes, they’re asking intriguing questions about dreams (you can join in the discussion if you “Like” the page).  They’re also posting dream resources and  Mattress Giant’s signature “Better Sleep” tips.

Happy sleeping!

Friday Freebie: Footloose Fun

In today’s Friday
Freebie, I’m offering up the CD soundtrack to the hit movie remake of
“Footloose” plus two Footloose mini buttons (one says “This Is Our Time”
and the other says “Cut Loose”).  I won the items at a Nia (dance
exercise) class a couple weeks ago, at which we danced to the music of
Footloose and the teacher gave away all sorts of fun promotional items
courtesy of Paramount. She’d asked us to “dress like the 80s” and gave a
nice prize bag to the two who most did– and, thanks to Emmie
encouraging me to add a neon pink fanny pack to my already “totally
tubular” authentic ensemble, I won!  But, alas, I nor the rest of my family are
huge fans of country music, and so I thought I’d offer up the soundtrack
to someone who might appreciate it more.  The title track has a new
country flavor thanks to Blake Shelton, and the disc also includes songs
by Zac Brown, Lissie, Ella Mae Bowen, Jana Kramer, Whitney Duncan, Big
and Rich (featuring Gretchen Wilson), Victoria Justice, Hunter Hayes,
Jason Freeman, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Ceelo Green, A Thousand Horses, and
David Banner (featuring Denim). The new rendition of “Holding Out for a
Hero” by Ella Mae Bowen is very cool (I predict we will see it in a
lyrical number on Dance Moms someday!).

So, please “cut loose” and write to me at by this Monday, Oct.
24th/11:59 p.m. to let me know if you’d like to be in the drawing for
the Footloose CD and buttons (and as in the past, I will post the
winner’s name in the comments section below this article after the

Friday Freebie: iPod Touch!!!

Our biggest giveaway yet at Uncool Mom– in conjunction with their back to school promotions, Dallas-based Mattress Giant is offering one lucky Uncool Mom reader an iPod Touch, 8GB, valued at $229! 

To enter, just write to me at before 12 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 9th  (a.k.a. Monday midnight) and let me know you want to be included in the drawing. 

If you don’t win, there are lots of other chances from Mattress Giant to win some great prizes. On its Twitter page (,  Mattress Giant is giving away an iPod Touch every weekday (Mon-Fri), until August 22, in its Back to School “Photo-A-Day” Giveaway (I like the ease of this one because you don’t have to generate and download any of your own photos, you just have to identify their photo-of-the-day).  Over on Facebook (, during the same time period, Mattress Giant is holding the “Back to College” Sweepstakes, with the prize being the winner’s choice of a twin, full or queen-size Simmons Beautyrest Eagleville mattress set (valued up to $1,200).  Mattress Giant’s social media offer tips on getting better sleep and other news about sleep, which can come in handy if you’re a parent (like me) trying to get your kids back on a better sleep schedule in preparation for school. 

Good luck, and I hope to hear from a lot of you!!

Friday Freebie: Suspenseful Summer Reading

Texas author Mark Shaver has written another mystery novel, and his publicist is offering Uncool Mom readers a free copy! Entitled, “A Critical Loss of Balance,” it’s about Cliff Elliott, a father whose daughter is kidnapped, and just when he thinks he’s experienced his worst nightmare, the circumstances surrounding her return are far worse.  His life is thrown “irreparably out of balance”. (I wish I could say I’ve read it and can offer up a review, but my reading “wait list” is piled high at present!) For more information on the book, check out Mark’s very nice website at where you can read excerpts from A Critical Loss of Balance as well as his other works. 

Just drop me a line at by midnight on Monday, August 1st if you’d like a paperback copy, and I’ll put you in a drawing.

Mark’s books can be purchased at as well as on his website and at select bookstores.

Fruity Friday Freebie: Cold Drinks to Beat the Heat!

Isn’t the summer heat wave getting “old”? Enough of this already!!! Well, maybe it’s not so bad if you’re on the Pacific Coast, especially from Carmel, CA up to Seattle, WA– I saw yesterday on the weather map that that’s the place to be right now to escape!  But here in North Texas, I’ve actually been getting excited if the sun goes behind a cloud for even a few seconds– you know it’s been too hot for too long when you start feeling like that! So I was glad when Tampico Beverages sent me 10 coupons to give away, each good for a free 20 oz. bottle of a Tampico fruit drink. I figured some, if not all of you, might welcome the refreshment. Tampico has traditionally been sold “family size”, in 32 oz. and gallon size jugs, so the new 20-oz. individual size is perfect for putting on a bike, in a backpack or into a car’s drink holder.  It’s available in Mango, Citrus, and Tropical and with this freebie you can choose any flavor.  Tampico is in wide distribution (sometimes it’s in the fruit juice aisle; sometimes it’s in the cold case); click here to see where it’s sold in your area.  Email me at if you’d like me to send you a coupon! I’ll send them out as long as the supply lasts!

Also, if you have a college-bound teen who badly wants a laptop, check this out: To celebrate the new drink size, Tampico launched an online photo contest this summer called “Unique Like You”, where entrants can submit photos of themselves, customize the photos with fun add-ons and ask their friends to vote for their photos.  The grand prize is a “Digital Rock Star Kit” including a laptop computer, so if your teen is on Facebook (contest is open to those ages 18 and up), you might want to forward this link to him/her:  The contest runs until 8/21/11.