Domestic Engineering

Building a Better Easter

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In true Uncool Mom fashion, of me always trying to re-engineer things and make them better, this year I once
again set my sights on Easter. I’ve always thought that Easter, the foundational holiday of Christianity, should be a much bigger deal than it is, and have always wondered why Christians don’t
make as much fuss over it as Christmas. I mean, at least in my family, people don’t bend over backwards at Easter to try to be together by plane, …

Kids and Religion

Pop Goes the Church

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Is it just me, or is anyone else bothered when the sacred tries too hard to be cool when embracing the secular? I think I started feeling that way about 13 years ago when I watched a neighbor’s video of her church youth choir, or I should say, megachurch youth choir. There were hundreds of teens onstage, swaying back and forth to a funky beat and singing (or would it be rapping?), “You down wit G.O.D.? Yeah, you know me!”, sort of a Christian Weird Al version of the song, “O.P.P.” For those of you unfamiliar with “O.P.P.”, it was a 1991 hit by the rap group “Naughty By Nature”, a disgusting ode to infidelity,