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Cirque du Spring Break

Well, I always say a parent’s real vacation happens after Spring Break ends, once the kids are back in school, but mine began early this time—two nights ago, the nice people at Endicott PR provided me with tickets to see my first-ever Cirque du Soleil performance, called “Quidam”.  Neither of my kids could go (too busy with homework, cheerleading workshops and theatre and band rehearsals) so it was a rare Girls Night Out for a friend and me.  And all I have to say is—WOW.  (Well, of course I can say a bit more.  If you’re interested, check out my review at

But in this space, I’ll share with you that the Cirque performers’ feats of strength, balance, and agility (and those performers were not all in their teens and 20s) has inspired me to keep up the good work I’ve accomplished in my weekly (sometimes twice-weekly) stretching and muscle toning classes. Excuse me a minute while I go get my giant exercise ball to sit on instead of this desk chair…

There.  Much better. (Seriously, remember the post about the dangers of sitting? I really did get an exercise ball to sit on instead of my desk chair, thanks to my fellow exercise classmate Maxie. While you sit, it gives you a thigh/balance workout, not to mention you can “roll out” and get great back stretches over the ball when you need a break.)

No, I don’t expect to be able to do one-armed handstands while balancing that hand on another person’s head, or hang upside down from a scarf attached to the ceiling, as I saw Wednesday.  But surely the increased strength and agility I do have can help me better manage a houseful of kids over the next week, and the cabin fever that may arise. (Yes, I can already hear the whines of  “Mom, I’m bored” echoing in my head.)

Quidam inspired me in another way.  Its theme of “getting in touch with your inner child” also inspired me to try to have more fun.  I’ve always blogged about the need to get away from desk work and housework and spend some fun time every day with myself, my husband and/or my kids, but that usually hasn’t happened much.  And sadly, if I were more available to have fun with my kids, they’re busier now than ever before. However, Spring Break should definitely give us a chance to have some fun, with NO HOMEWORK (at least that I know of) lingering over their heads, no early wake-ups, no athletic practices, and no music or drama rehearsals.

Woo-hoo! This minivan mom is ready.  Will we soar like Cirque’s  “Aerial Hoops” or free fall like “The Spanish Web”? Stay tuned!  Happy Spring Break!