Well, we’ve heard from Emmie at camp– and the verdict is…..at least so far…(drumroll please)…thumbs up!!! Whew. I was just a teensy bit worried.  One reason is because she insisted on signing up for the “tent unit” at the camp (i.e. no electricity– no AC and no fans) and the forecast called for 100-degree-plus days every day this week.  The weather predictors were correct– it’s been fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot! The other reason is that our car (that would be, my glorious minivan) overheated on the way to camp and we were delayed while my husband fixed the problem (Thank you, God, that my husband is a Mr. Fix It and that my teenager was not along for the ride).  We finally arrived at camp almost at dark on Sunday night, and Emmie joined the other girls for the closing campfire circle.  We had to stow Emmie’s gear in a building near the tents, and didn’t even get to help her set up the mosquito netting that’s required around each bed.  I pictured her attempting to do that by the light of her friends’ flashlights…

To add to my fears, I received an email on Monday from Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, letting everyone know that there’s been an increase in head lice at GSNTX camps this year and to please be aware and not send girls if they show signs.  I hoped they were talking about the other three Scout camps in the region– not the one where Emmie was at.

So as you can imagine, I’ve been eagerly checking the mailbox every day, and we finally got two postcards Wednesday.  She’s having a great time and says she loves the fresh air and nature sounds, and is excited to have a counselor with a Scottish accent.  Her friend, on the other hand, wants to come home and wrote to her mom that she accidentally dropped her toothbrush in the toilet on the first night.

I hope things have gotten better.  We didn’t receive anything in the mail yesterday (no news is good news– right?) and camp ends today. I will post a photo in this space later if I get any good ones!