Just the other day, when my pre-teen was balking at cleaning her bedroom, I reminded her how lucky she is that she has her own room, a space she can call her own.  We talked about how not all kids have their own rooms, and how parents definitely don’t (unless maybe if they have a home office with LOCKING doors…I wish, I wish…). The average parent usually has to share everything, with either their spouse or the rest of the family– their bed, their bedroom, living spaces…even a “master bathroom” can have kids marching in and out at all hours of the night.  And when they get to work, well, the average parent who works outside the home still doesn’t have their own room/office.  And of those that do, only a small number have one with a door.  That shuts and locks.  And has no window on it.

She thought that was cool that she had something an adult didn’t.

But we all know it’s psychologically good for everyone to have their own, private space at least once in awhile.  So how do parents get that?  I’ve blogged before about this, about how former Carol Burnett Show star Lyle Waggoner should get his Star Waggons company to make a portable luxury parent retreat…well, it looks like Rainier Yurts of Seattle has beat them to it.  While not exactly portable, it is luxurious.  Check out their backyard escape in the latest Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, one of NM’s “Fantasy Gifts” for 2011. Designed by Louisiana-based Rebecca Vizard to resemble the inside of a genie’s bottle, the “Dream Folly” features plush down pillows, antique tapestries and a crystal chandelier.   Sigh.  For $75,000, it can be yours.

But I still don’t think this is the perfect parent escape. I mean, if you’re going to spend that kind of cash, I think I’d trade some of the pillows for a hot tub. And get soundproofed walls in case your kids or spouse are whining outside the door.  Better yet, that kind of cash could buy you a luxury hotel room, once a month for about twelve years. With room service.  And a limo to get you there and back each time.  And child care if needed.  Now that’s a fantasy gift!