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Raising Girls Vs. Raising Boys: The Debate Continues

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Who’s easier to raise—a girl or a boy? The topic comes up often among parents. I remember a boy mom reacting with envy
when I told her how my baby girl would often wake up in the morning, sit quietly in her crib and play with books if I needed to take a shower before breakfast. “My boys would never let me do
that,” she said wistfully.
I remember when my daughters were preschoolers and I used to sit at the playground relaxing on a bench while they’d
be engrossed in playing in the sand with dolls or sliding down the slides. I’d feel sorry for the “boy moms”, who never seemed to have a moment’s rest—they couldn’t look away or sit down for two
seconds or their boy might be running away from the playground and down the street. “Aren’t you glad you don’t have boys!” we all-girl moms would say …


The Best Baby Gift of All

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One week ago our family welcomed a new addition– our great-nephew Evan was born in California amidst much excitement. We’re thrilled to have our first great-nephew and my brother is double thrilled to have his first grandson. While it will be awhile before we get to see him, he won’t be without company. My sister-in-law hopped on a plane as soon as my niece’s water broke; by the time Mom and baby arrived home from the hospital, a houseful of more family was there. Which is typical for the majority of births in our society, right? Doting grandmothers arrive to help out; friends and other family members flock to get a first glimpse of the tiny new life. It’s what we do when a child is born. It’s tradition.
Is it just my husband and me, or is there anyone else out there who thinks our society needs to re-think this whole time-worn welcoming process? Let’s start with labor.